The Business Bar Story


The Restaurant

Owners ​(Jade Newman & Jessica Robinson) can both be classified as Independently Branded Entrepreneurs. As a Unit, Jade & Jessica Represent Hospitality and Business with Unique Presence.


Where Hospitality and Business Go Hand In Hand.

The Business Bar incorporates a ​Traditional Bar, Restaurant, and Workstation.​ The idea stemmed from our own search for a place to dine and conduct business in the City of New Orleans. Unfortunately, Our Idea of “The Perfect Space” for professionals to Conduct Business, Enjoy Great Food and Amazing Cocktails does not exist. ​The Business Bar was created to fulfill the much-needed Void. The Business Bar will Provide the Perfect Atmosphere for Professionals and Students from all levels to work with an​ atmosphere worthy of staying after 5.

What Sets The Business Bar Apart?

“The Business Bar is not only the perfect setting to ​Accomplish Work Tasks that can often seem impossible in your everyday setting, but Our ​Food & Drink Menu ​was created to provide our customers with the ​ultimate - ​Restaurant, Bar and Workstation Experience​.”​

- Jade Newman, Owner

Why is The Business Bar filled with Greenery?

Owner Jade Newman who also owns a Property Management Company, which offers a range of services with one being - ​Interior Design​ explains why she chose to Design the Restaurant with Greenery.

“The Business Bar was decorated with a significant amount of greenery; not only because it’s simply beautiful and refreshing, but studies have proven that indoor plants improve ​Concentration and ​Productivity.​ Greenery has also been proven to Reduce Stress Levels,​ ​Boost Moods and ​Increase Levels of Positivity​. The Business Bar was Intentionally decorated with ​Indoor Greenery to ​Create the ​Perfect Atmosphere t​o not only ​Work​, but to T​hrive​ in doing so.” - Jade Newman, Owner